About Us

About Us

Enjoy Every Step with AfroLeather

“Over two decades of Sudanese masterful craftsmanship.
Globally admired generation after generation.”

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Who We Are

AfroLeather is a leading manufacturer and exporter of high-quality Sudanese leather shoes. We are renowned for our authentic trait of promoting and preserving the culture and traditions of Sudan through our brand which has become global and a top choice of international consumers and with a prominent market presence in Dubai and Egypt.

How We Started

AfroLeather was established in 1999 with an aim to produce traditional Sudanese shoes made from pure and natural materials that are specially designed for comfort and durability. Our integrity first became known for our design and development of precise and appropriate molds to create traditional Sudanese shoe designs.

We started at our own tannery in Sudan and grew and expanded to become a local icon in the leather shoe manufacturing industry and a major contributor in the field of exporting high-quality Sudanese leather products to international markets including Dubai and Egypt.

A Global Brand

Now with a wider market to cater to and to ensure conformity to international standards, AfroLeather manufactures and finishes its products at international tanneries such as Belle Color and Union for Leather which are among the largest tanneries in Africa and the Middle East. Further, AfroLeather shoe designs are done in one of the shoe factories of a famous Italian shoe company which is known for its luxury and modern products.

Global consumer demands are accommodated thru e-commerce partnerships with international online selling platforms and thru direct purchase at our own website.

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Our Team

Behind our success in over two years of operation in manufacturing and exporting quality leather products are the most ideal combination of talents who share the same commitment with AfroLeather- consistent in passion and dedication to promote Sudanese leather products and open to diversity with other fashion ideas and designs that appeal to the global market.

Enjoy Every Step with AfroLeather. We are now a symbolic brand of Sudanese culture and heritage that has achieved international patronage, generation after generation, for our feat in integrating traditional Sudanese craftsmanship in shoe leather products into a brand that relates to the modern preferences of the global market.

[et_icon_holder center=”true”][et_iconbox icon_pixeden=”pe-7s-target” layout=”centered” animation=”” title=”Mission”]It is our mission to be consistent in the production and exportation of leather products that meet the highest standards of quality and to further expand our international market base to include all age groups across continents.[/et_iconbox][et_iconbox icon_pixeden=”pe-7s-look” layout=”centered” animation=”” title=”Vision”]We envision our brand to be a global icon of the finest Sudanese craftsmanship in leather products while actively preserving and promoting the Sudanese culture and heritage on a global market platform.[/et_iconbox][et_iconbox icon_pixeden=”pe-7s-voicemail” layout=”centered” animation=”” title=”CSR”]We aim to remain true to the ethical approach in the production of our leather products by keeping in mind the sustainability of materials as part of our responsibility to the community and the environment.[/et_iconbox][/et_icon_holder]
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Exclusive Marks of Uniqueness

Years of consistent design development and utilization of technology have led AfroLeather to reach its own mark of uniqueness- distinctly exclusive and recognizable in all AfroLeather shoe products.


Utilizes high-quality Sudanese leather.


Soft, breathable material is used in each shoe to ensure the comfort of wear even for a long period of time. This material is exclusively designed for AfroLeather by a medical mattress production company.


Shoe upper face– produced with precision without cutting or splitting the material utilizing the same technology in the production of renowned Italian shoes.

Shoe front and rear side– Sudanese craftsmanship at work with designs to achieve perfection and durability, a quality that is a notch higher as compared to other mass-produced leather shoes.

Interior– years of design development have produced stylishly comfortable shoes with inner lining closely connected with the outer face, for distinct comfort and durability.

Insole- uses a lightweight material, Protan, for a flexibly easy-walk experience.

Exclusive Designs & Modernity– Expert designers from China, Italy, India, Egypt collaborate with the AfroLeather team to come up with diverse styles and comfort that are appealing to global and modern consumer markets.

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