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Al-Geneina Markoub

Named after the city in West Darfur which is widely famous for its quality leather products.

Al-Asalah Markoub

Utilizes a specialized printing technology in the finishing stage. Final products are unmistakably comparable in appearance and texture of cowhide, a material that is prohibited by international laws for shoe manufacturing to preserve wildlife.

Sport Markoob


Leather Shoes has completely surpassed our expectations. I love your system. Best. Product. Ever! Leather Shoes is the next killer app.

Tiertza X

It's really wonderful. I'm good to go. Just what I was looking for. I would gladly pay over 600 dollars for Leather Shoes.

Calvin Reeves



AfroLeather ladies’ bag collection has timeless classy designs for stylish living.


AfroLeather leather wallet collection is durably designed to resist wear and tear and to complement your own unique style.


AfroLeather leather belt collection is made from durable material that does not shrink, a perfect fashion accessory that does not go out of style.

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